The Plateaus, The Ghats and the Sea Side : My Unplanned Trip to Karnataka

It matters not what someone is born; but what they grow to be – J.K. Rowling

There is a point in life where you decide to do things out of the blue. And you know the rest.

We started our journey in Hyderabad.

Destination 1: Mysuru

Mysuru can be reached by Road, Rail or Air.
After 14 hrs of sharing a single berth in a train, we reached the former city ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty.

Mysuru Palace
Majestic on the outside and simple on the inside, the palace was built blending Indo- Saracenic architecture.

The palace also houses a smaller museum within with household artifacts of the kings and their children.

Moving on, we visited Balmuri Falls.
15 kms away from the city, I should say, do not expect a typical water fall.
It’s a good place to chill and eat with a group of friends but not much of a nature’s wonder. I leave the choice to you.

We returned back to our stay in middle of the shopping arena, checked out and charted our journey to Coorg.

KSRTC has direct buses to Coorg ( Kushal Nagar) and is a 4 hr journey.

After reaching, we hired a bike.
And that ride was one hell of a ride.

DISCLAIMER: It is highly not recommended by locals as elephants roam the roads at night. We had to because we had no choice and also that was our choice. 😉

One Scooty, two girls, after more than 3 hours of travel, 4 eyes watching the roads and with 5 luggage bags, began their 22 kms ride, right into the forest. at 12:30 AM to reach our stay, Zostel.

All that was worth it. We woke up to beauty, surrounded by coffee plantations, drizzle and the smell of fresh mud.

Coorg offers home stays.
If you would love to experience the true essence of Kodagu (Coorg) do try them.

Destination 2: Coorg (Kodagu)

Day 1: Dubare Elephant Camp

A forest camp on the banks of river Kaveri. It’s a place best described in pictures. Dubare was on our way to Zostel. We had to come back but the ride wouldn’t bore you.

We reached there by 8:00 AM, had our breakfast at the local restaurant, you could try Karnataka Special, Thatte Idly here.

The camp opens at 8:00 AM and it’s preferred to reach early. Cross the river and the huge beings await you on the other side.

Fun Fact: Humans to Elephants are Dogs to Humans.
They think we are cute. Elephants nonetheless can be extremely unpredictable in their behaviors to people.

After spending our beautiful morning in the refreshing camp, we headed towards Bylakuppe.
Bylakuppe is a small town which is occupied by several Tibetan settlers.

The Golden TempleNamdroling Monastery

The monastery houses the temple and a resident place for the monks.

The statues are said to be coated with gold on the outside and filled with religious scrolls and remains of great monks on the inside.
By the time we were done exploring and pondering, it was noon.
It was time to reach the next destination on the list.

Abbey Falls

The Water Falls.
Preferably visit in monsoons to see it shine at it’s fullest.

The area restricts entry into the water. A glance from the distance is all we got.

And that was a wrap for day 1 at Coorg.

Day 2: Raja’s Seat

Back in those days when the kings wanted to take a bird’s eye look at their kingdoms, as drones and choppers were out of question, the kings chose a place for themselves. On top of this hill: known today as the Raja’s seat.
Raja’s seat is near to the town Madikeri which also houses the Madikeri fort (1 km away from Raja’s seat)

Madikeri Fort

Tala CauveryThe Birthplace of River Kaveri

The quota of fun for the day began here.

The place is approximately 44 kms away from Madikeri town.
The fun part was, the roads were ghat roads.
As the owners of a two wheeler, we started without a second thought.
Bhagamandala – a pilgrimage place, is 8 kms ahead of Tala Cauvery.
After two hours of driving up and down the hills, in midst of lush green forests, we landed here:

And all I could think was, how could the Raja’s not make this their seat.

We sat atop the hill, in between the clouds, as they touched our faces and left a cold feeling. ❤

Back in Zostel, we packed our bags to reach our third destination Gokarna.

We took a bus to Mangalore as direct buses to Gokarna are limited.
It was 12:00 AM. Mangalore was right next to the sea.
Realization hit us when our faces went sultry.
From the relaxing climate of the hills, we reached the sea level.
The next bus to Gokarna was in the afternoon. Luck favored as we found out there was a local passenger train to Gokarna.
The early hours were spent waiting for a train in the waiting halls.
And the best way to pass that wait time was to have a good book in hand.

Destination 3: Gokarna

Place of stay: Zostel Gokarna
With a view to the main beach and a reasonable stay, this place had the best to offer.

After travelling long distances, Gokarna was our place to sit, eat, relax and repeat.
We spent our time in the local cafes on the beaches of Om, Main and Kudle, binge eating, walking in the streets and spending the evenings at the beaches.

Local Spice Store – Gokarna Main Beach
The daily chores of the sea side people – Om Beach
And the street arts.

I know it’s time to sign off now, but I say no.
Another trip, another experience awaits me. ❤
Until then, Live in the:

See you here soon, Pal! ❤

Need help planning the trip? Contact us!

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