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When the hills called back: Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar and Koyna

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” – J.K. Rowling

And home these days has been “wanderlust.”

Almost an year back, we left our footprints on a seashore
Quite opposite to that, we headed to the hills.

The trip started with our all time favorite mode of transport: Trains!

Hyderabad to Pune:
Monsoons bring beauty and life, to hill stations, and waterfalls.
But you see “water – falls” flooding the low lying areas.
Our train had to be halted. But nothing could stop a bunch of travel junkies.
And to reach that the top spot, we jumped trains.

After an hour of hogging in an unreserved compartment, we landed in Pune.
Best known for it’s good food, Pune had a lot to offer.
Our hunger pangs led the way.

Local delicacies: Misaal Paav and Mattha. Mattha Nasha tha. ❤

Fast forward to pack up, pick up (car) and drive to Mahabaleshwar..

Day 1: Mahabaleshwar to Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Early morning, misty weather, friends, and drive.
Sounds dreamy, right? It indeed was.

Drive through the hills, maratha breakfast on the highway, makkabutta on a hilltop, a small museum about the Koyna Dam and gushing water falls, the day went by without we realizing it was time to head home.

Day 2: Pratap Gadh, Elephant View Point and Lingamala Water Falls

Another beautiful morning.
Wasn’t exaggerating, see for yourself 😉

Pratapgadh was a long way, we started early in the morning by 7:00 AM.

It was a misty yesterday, we were that mist now.

After 2 hours of driving, we reached Pratapgarh Fort.

Built after the glorious victory against the Adilshahi forces, the fort represents the inception of the maratha empire.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Unlike popular reviews, we took our sweet time to explore the fort.

Followed by breakfast, it gave an eerie feeling, knowing that wars were fought and men were beheaded, at the very foothills of this fort where we sat and dined.

En route, blessed with rains, we encountered pretty waterfalls.

Next stop: Elephant’s view point
It was a drive back to the place where we started from.

Unfortunately, clouds did their magic.
The only thing we realized was, where there are clouds there’s 4G.
Sir Aurthur’s seat: it was their (clouds’) day.

Pro Tip: DO NOT completely rely on google maps and be ready to pay tolls/taxes.

Last point for the day: Lingmala water falls
It was almost closing by the time we reached. We reached out to the management and after considering our pleas and puppy faces, they let us in for 20 mins. The race began to reach:

Leading to this..

Happy that we could take a peek at it, it was go home time.

Back in the city, we paid a visit to Mapro Gardens, known for varieties of strawberry produce.

Followed by a drive back to Pune, paired with south Indian breakfast to revive those taste buds, (aakhir hyderabadi toh hi hai na!?) cheers to the best time I had in Maharashtra!

Post Script: After a systematic review by one of our readers, adding in the below information on how the trip was planned:

Middle ground: Mapro Gardens/Parsi Point

To the:

South – Koyna WildLife Sanctuary

Koyna is a long way of hills, water falls and picturesque landscapes. While heading to that place, make sure to carry all weather protection gear as the weather tends to be unpredictable.

Our choice of stay was: Hotel Shahee Pearl near

Old Mahabaleshwar Decent rooms, Decent Prices and beautiful morning views!

West – Pratapgadh Fort, Elephant’s view point. Sir Arthur’s seat, Lingmala Water Falls and Venna Lake

Get the explorer out while heading out to Pratapgadh Fort and Lingmala Water Falls, involves trekking through the ups and downs and taking gigantic stairs!

Choice of Stay: As above

East – Wai and Dhom Dam

This is the time where you descend the hills and hit the ground.
Our choice of stay – Zostel Panchgani

Need help planning the trip? Contact us!

The Plateaus, The Ghats and the Sea Side : My Unplanned Trip to Karnataka

It matters not what someone is born; but what they grow to be – J.K. Rowling

There is a point in life where you decide to do things out of the blue. And you know the rest.

We started our journey in Hyderabad.

Destination 1: Mysuru

Mysuru can be reached by Road, Rail or Air.
After 14 hrs of sharing a single berth in a train, we reached the former city ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty.

Mysuru Palace
Majestic on the outside and simple on the inside, the palace was built blending Indo- Saracenic architecture.

The palace also houses a smaller museum within with household artifacts of the kings and their children.

Moving on, we visited Balmuri Falls.
15 kms away from the city, I should say, do not expect a typical water fall.
It’s a good place to chill and eat with a group of friends but not much of a nature’s wonder. I leave the choice to you.

We returned back to our stay in middle of the shopping arena, checked out and charted our journey to Coorg.

KSRTC has direct buses to Coorg ( Kushal Nagar) and is a 4 hr journey.

After reaching, we hired a bike.
And that ride was one hell of a ride.

DISCLAIMER: It is highly not recommended by locals as elephants roam the roads at night. We had to because we had no choice and also that was our choice. 😉

One Scooty, two girls, after more than 3 hours of travel, 4 eyes watching the roads and with 5 luggage bags, began their 22 kms ride, right into the forest. at 12:30 AM to reach our stay, Zostel.

All that was worth it. We woke up to beauty, surrounded by coffee plantations, drizzle and the smell of fresh mud.

Coorg offers home stays.
If you would love to experience the true essence of Kodagu (Coorg) do try them.

Destination 2: Coorg (Kodagu)

Day 1: Dubare Elephant Camp

A forest camp on the banks of river Kaveri. It’s a place best described in pictures. Dubare was on our way to Zostel. We had to come back but the ride wouldn’t bore you.

We reached there by 8:00 AM, had our breakfast at the local restaurant, you could try Karnataka Special, Thatte Idly here.

The camp opens at 8:00 AM and it’s preferred to reach early. Cross the river and the huge beings await you on the other side.

Fun Fact: Humans to Elephants are Dogs to Humans.
They think we are cute. Elephants nonetheless can be extremely unpredictable in their behaviors to people.

After spending our beautiful morning in the refreshing camp, we headed towards Bylakuppe.
Bylakuppe is a small town which is occupied by several Tibetan settlers.

The Golden TempleNamdroling Monastery

The monastery houses the temple and a resident place for the monks.

The statues are said to be coated with gold on the outside and filled with religious scrolls and remains of great monks on the inside.
By the time we were done exploring and pondering, it was noon.
It was time to reach the next destination on the list.

Abbey Falls

The Water Falls.
Preferably visit in monsoons to see it shine at it’s fullest.

The area restricts entry into the water. A glance from the distance is all we got.

And that was a wrap for day 1 at Coorg.

Day 2: Raja’s Seat

Back in those days when the kings wanted to take a bird’s eye look at their kingdoms, as drones and choppers were out of question, the kings chose a place for themselves. On top of this hill: known today as the Raja’s seat.
Raja’s seat is near to the town Madikeri which also houses the Madikeri fort (1 km away from Raja’s seat)

Madikeri Fort

Tala CauveryThe Birthplace of River Kaveri

The quota of fun for the day began here.

The place is approximately 44 kms away from Madikeri town.
The fun part was, the roads were ghat roads.
As the owners of a two wheeler, we started without a second thought.
Bhagamandala – a pilgrimage place, is 8 kms ahead of Tala Cauvery.
After two hours of driving up and down the hills, in midst of lush green forests, we landed here:

And all I could think was, how could the Raja’s not make this their seat.

We sat atop the hill, in between the clouds, as they touched our faces and left a cold feeling. ❤

Back in Zostel, we packed our bags to reach our third destination Gokarna.

We took a bus to Mangalore as direct buses to Gokarna are limited.
It was 12:00 AM. Mangalore was right next to the sea.
Realization hit us when our faces went sultry.
From the relaxing climate of the hills, we reached the sea level.
The next bus to Gokarna was in the afternoon. Luck favored as we found out there was a local passenger train to Gokarna.
The early hours were spent waiting for a train in the waiting halls.
And the best way to pass that wait time was to have a good book in hand.

Destination 3: Gokarna

Place of stay: Zostel Gokarna
With a view to the main beach and a reasonable stay, this place had the best to offer.

After travelling long distances, Gokarna was our place to sit, eat, relax and repeat.
We spent our time in the local cafes on the beaches of Om, Main and Kudle, binge eating, walking in the streets and spending the evenings at the beaches.

Local Spice Store – Gokarna Main Beach
The daily chores of the sea side people – Om Beach
And the street arts.

I know it’s time to sign off now, but I say no.
Another trip, another experience awaits me. ❤
Until then, Live in the:

See you here soon, Pal! ❤

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When caves and camping go hand in hand: Belum Caves and Gandikota

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” -Roy M. Goodman

The first official trip of the year 2019. Gandikota. ❤

Weekend getaway. Bucket list ticked off. Wish fulfilled.
Some trips are for that experience your heart craves for. This one is one of them.

We started off early on a Saturday morning.
Route map:

Stop A: Hyderabad – Kurnool – Belum Caves
Stop B: Belum Caves – Jammalamadugu – Gandikota: Grand Canyon of India

And after 8 hours of constant singing and eating off highways, we landed in Stop A.
Belum Caves.

Reviews suggest that you reach the place in the morning as you need light to see.
However, the caves are well equipped with lights.
Timings: 10am – 4:30pm
Tickets: As applicable

It was pretty hot. Make sure to carry your sunglasses, sunscreens, umbrellas, hats, ceilings, rooftops (just kidding) :’D whichever is convenient for some shade.

The caves are huge and would take an hour to one and a half hour for a complete tour.
Full of long passages, narrow routes and high shelves (you can climb up on) it’s fun to explore this enormous place.

Imagine an elliptical shape. Corners darkened due to the low light in the cave. Moving towards the center of the picture, blue lights reflecting from the left and red light from the right on stalactites dropping from top of the cave ceiling.

After all the exploration, we refueled and headed to our final destination; Gandikota.

En route you have Jammalamadugu, a town in case you would like to buy anything.
We were preparing ourselves for a campfire, stay in a tent under the starry skies kind of a night. ❤

Night stay: available in Haritha resorts.

However, we chose to camp. We pre-booked our tents. Inclusions: sleeping bags, dinner, breakfast, washrooms and campfire for Rs. 800/- per person with moonlight campers.

With the camping site right next to the canyon, barbequed Tangdi kebab and paneer, on the skewers. The constant khich-khich of the crickets, soothing music in the backgroud, almost full moon, lying on the rocks, funny folks on the side, the night was memorable. ❤

The next day, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise, ❤

Fast forward to; freshen up and breakfast.
Next point: Gandikota fort, the local temple, and places around it..


After an hour of roaming around in the sun, exhausted, we sat down, took our time to relax and explored the temple around us.

Realization hit me that we reached the destination and it was time for us to head back home.
But home was far away and I still had a bucket load of time to drive back, all the while making memories as I go… ❤

To the folks who know, the rest is History #GaajuvaakaPilla ❤

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A land of sand and a sea of Corals; Andamans

” Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves”  – Carl Jung

Lights. Camera. Andaman. ❤

Everyone has this mystic feeling when they hear the name “Andaman.”
And true to its word it really is a mysterious and beautiful land away from the chaos of the day to day life.

The local legends say the name was adopted from “Hanuman” where he stopped on the islands on his adventure to reach Sita Devi.
It indeed is mystic, right? 😉

My Backpacking started to the land of surplus way before my trip was scheduled.

And it was a week-long trip.

To reach the destination: you can either fly via Chennai or Kolkata
or cruise through the sea via. Chennai, Vishakapatnam, and Kolkata.


Day 1 was local Andaman Tour.
We have museums full of stories and legends of the then lands.
Marine and Anthropological and the Cellular Jail which is the mainland popular.
Not to mention the chills you get while you go through the horror the people have gone through in the evening light show.

P.S: The evening light show tickets need to be booked online. Make sure to have them booked in advance as there are no 3G/4G services available on the Island.


Let your taste buds enjoy the delicious flavor of the coconut water whilst you watch the sunset and the sea. 


P.C: Water Sports Complex, Andaman

Day 2: Ross Island and North Bay

Heads up to all the photographers out there, it’s a picturesque place for amazing picture backgrounds.
That being apart, Ross Island is a historic place.
With ruins of the then civilization, it’s beautiful to tour through them.

You get to spend only 1 hour here. Make sure to make the most of it.


When she thought I’m worth smiling at. That smile.. Awww ❤

From Ross, the boat takes you to North Bay.
North Bay has water sports. Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Sea Walking, Submarine.. Name it and they have it. 🙂

By the time I was done watching the sun and got completely tanned, it was evening. 🙂

Day 3: Chatham Sawmill; Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park; Wandoor

An old sawmill, constructed in 1883 which is currently active.
The wood that was processed was used in the construction of the Cellular Jail.

The Padauk being the most popular.

On the way to Wandoor beach; you’ve Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Wandoor beach is a calm one. Caution is advised as there seem to be crocodiles.

We spent 3 hours shopping for pearls there. ❤
They’re for real and you can also get a bill. (Place your bargaining skills to a test here 😛 )

And if you’re not into shopping, the beach is a beautiful place to sit under the shade of trees and feed the doggos there. ❤

Day 4: Botanical Park; Sunset Point, Chidiya Tapu

Our travel guy bailed on us, but we did not let the day bail out on us.
Took a tuk-tuk and we were off to watch the sunset point. ❤

The ride in the tuk-tuk through the dense forest has chills down your spine. 

The botanical garden is one of my top-favorite places I visited in all of Andaman.
Just wander off into the naturally maintained eco-system you rarely find.

Surprisingly we ran into a lady who spoke my mother tongue. It was more exhilarating than I expected it to be.


One hour here and we were off to watch the sunset at the sunset point.
P.S: Chidiya Tapu also has a beach, which is a little crowded but worth sitting there and watch the daily chores of localites. 🙂

Day 5: Baratang

First things first, you got to wake up early. 😛
Okay, jokes apart there are certain rules to reach this place.
If you’re going with a travel agency, they’d brief you about it.
If not, here are some rules to keep in mind, It’s a strict no photography place.
You are required to submit your original identity card; In case of foreign nationals, the rules are more similar to Immigration.

The journey to this place started early in the morning at 6. After driving for almost 2 and a half hours we reached this checkpoint, where you get to refuel your energy levels while your names are registered to enter the Island.

From this point onwards, It’s a strict no on photography, you can look out the windows of your car and if you’re lucky you’ll spot 1 or 2 Andamanese people.

I saw 7 of them but for the flash of a second. 😛

After 2 more hours of the dense forest and coolest ride, we reached Middle Strait.
From here, you’ll have to take a Govt. Ship for a 15 mins ride to another Island.

Freshen up, refuel and get set go to Lime Stone caves through Mangrove forests.
P.S.: It was pretty hot when we went, carry your sunglasses.

After a 35 min boat ride, the boats drop you at a wooden bridge from where you walk for 3 more km to reach the limestone caves.
Fortunately, we had umbrellas with us where the weather forecast said it’d rain.
All is well. 😀

Mind you the islands are inhabited.
You get lemon water to quench your thirst (for a price, though) 😛

Our final destination, the limestone caves was small but beautiful.
I say small because I’ve visited the Borra caves in Vizag.

And while returning, in the middle of the sea, in a small boat, it drizzled.
All I got to say was bliss. ❤

Day 6: Havelock Island; Scuba Diving; Radhanagar Beach

Legends told me Havelock Island is the best Island for Scuba Diving. And I, like a good girl stuck to that.

We cruised in a luxurious ship called markruzz to reach Havelock.
And headed towards scuba diving. ❤

Scuba diving is a 1-hour course.
Over which you’ll be trained with instructions and will have a personal instructor assigned to you.
Irrespective of whether you know to swim or not, fear not and go ahead.
Thank me later. 😛 ❤

Personal experience: 
Scuba diving: Once in a life time experience, unless of course if you’re a scuba diver.

Haha I know. Cheap joke. Jokes apart, it’s a beautiful once in a lifetime experience for swimmers and non swimmers, just go for it.

Signals for scuba diving
OK: 👌
GO UP: 👍

And some more which I will let the Instructor tell you.
Any other problem; immediately look at your instructor and signal.

So my instructor was this amazing guy.
Said he’s the chief instructor at that institute.
He patiently taught me, took me to the dive where I was scared to the pit of my stomach and I wanted to drop and go back.
I was sure I’d screw up, fortunately I didn’t.
I had some ear pain after that but I came out safe ; not drinking the ocean up. 😹
All credits to that guy.
If you’re going to Havelock, reach out to these people, they are real friendly and believe me my friend you’re in safe hands.
#BabaYouRock #BluePlanetScuba


After the “I do not have any more words to express my feelings” episode of scuba diving, we reached Radhanagar beach to spend the rest of the afternoon.


Day  7:  Today marks the last day on this mainland Andaman.
Tomorrow morning I’ll be back on my way to my abode.
The day I arrived, I wanted to leave as soon as possible. I counted days. 6 more, 5 more..

But now, I feel a little sad.
These people away from mainland India, where supplies reach after 2 months of departure, with low connectivity and the expression on their face when they can access 3G services, has inspired me a lot that indeed, there was a time before technology hit us and we became robots.

If you have the time and money, do visit this land, land not so away from technology but away, and enjoy the serene beaches, dive into the ocean, explore the corals, get tanned and pack away a suitcase of memories for a lifetime with you. ❤

Signing off until my next backpacking, sayonara. ❤ 

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Pondicherry – Re- Travel Diaries

“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things – Henry Miller”

And here I am back again with another travel post.
And this time it’s Pondicherry. ❤

Let me first tell you why the title of my post says it’s a “re-travel.”
This is the 4th time that I’ve been to Pondicherry. (Ah, something’s burning, eh? 😉 )

Don’t be jealous my buddy, I’ve got you a good set of pictures and stories so that you can pack your back ASAP.

We started off on a Friday night (as usual) and this time, as we had to save time, we opted to fly.
Our journey was en-route to Chennai (MAA) from where we took local buses to Pondicherry.
The bus fares are really affordable and you get to enjoy the ECR road view.

Once in Pondicherry, our hotel guy ditched us and we decided to tour while walking.
With loads of luggage in our hand [ you’ll understand this if you’re a female 😉 ] our search for a good hotel started.

We finally ended up in this guest house named Kailash guest house.
It’s pretty neat and decent and is 2 blocks away from the beach. (For Nomadic travellers like me)

Took a 2 hour nap, did our lunch at a local restaurant, rented bikes ( you get it for Rs. 300/- per day) and started off to Auroville.

Ensure to get good bikes, we took three bikes and one of them was a thirsty one. 😛

It’s a different kind of experience to see people believe in one thing and stick to it.
We spent an hour or so, exploring the place and started our way towards Auroville beach.

Let me tell you, it’s not one of the cleanest beach if you’re hoping to see one.
But it’s good enough to sit and watch the waves. 🙂

Started back to our rooms, freshened up and started exploring the local areas by foot.

Had our dinner at a Chettinad restaurant (Kuthu paratha is a must try (veg/egg both available) and set off to beach.

Beach is open late until 1 AM and you can have a good time there. 🙂
There ended our Day 1 at Pondicherry.

Day 2 : Pichavaram Beach

We arranged for a car today and took off early towards Pichavaram mangrove forest.
Backwaters along with a Mangrove forest and boating, blissful. ❤

The rates of the boats are on an hourly basis.
Do not be tempted if the boat guy tells you he’ll take you a little further in if you pay some extra bucks.
I’ve had very different experiences in my 4 times travel to this place.

After an hour or so, we realized we had another place to reach and rushed our way back to Paradise beach.


This was where we had the best time.

Playing with the waves, making sand dunes, and collecting sea shells. ❤

Back to our den, we went to Delhiwala, a beautiful french house turned into a themed restaurant. It’s cosy and the food and ambience is pretty nice.

There ended my day 2 trip to Pondicherry, and I made my way back to home sweet home.

And as always, with bags of memories and in a hope to collect more signing off until next time. ❤

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Through the Tunnels, Into the Sea

” I always run into strong women who are looking for weak men to dominate them –  Andy Warhol”

Inspired by the quote, and to prove myself that I’m strong enough to tackle life’s abnormal challenges, I decided to embark my journey for a brief trip with my bestie. ❤

Hi there, been so long that I’ve poured my heart out on paper and ink – technically blog and a laptop for the tech savvy generation like you and me. ❤ 😉

A 2 day trip. Precisely a 58 hour-round the clock trip.

We started by train, from Hyderabad to Vizag.
Almost a sleepless night since you’re two single girls travelling, people tend to gawk at you like you’re a miracle from Wonder Woman. ( Not kidding 😛 )

We reached Vizag by 12 Noon, took a compensatory sleep for 3 hours and started off to explore the city.

Day 1

Destination 1 : Kailasagiri

Presenting you “A hilltop view of the whole vizag city with it’s breathtaking sea view.”

With the cool sea breeze hitting your face, you tend to forget your worries for a while. 🙂

And the best part is, you get to reach the top through a cable car. ❤
They charge Rs. 90/- per head for a round trip.

You can drive your way up too.
A 20 mins Toy Train ride around the hill-top in case you’re in a hurry. 😉

Destination 2: INS Kursura (S20) Submarine Museum

An abode to Indian Navy’s Pride and honor and a must visit destination while you’re in Vizag.

INS Kursura is a real-time submarine now for display in R.K beach.


Back from the Submarine, we went to dine at the local street food joint (somewhere near pantaloons) and believe me, it’s Yumm. 😛

Day 2

You know you’re amazing at time management when you got a train to catch at 6:50 A.M and you’re getting a ticket from the counter at 6:48 A.M. 😛

And the biggest achievement is when you catch the train. ❤ 😛

Yep. You heard that right. #Girlboss

We hurried through the smooth platforms of Vizag and took our train towards          Borra Caves


The Train Journey was “Through the tunnels.” ❤
Beauty of the valleys on the sides and people cheering for every time the train went dark.

A once in a lifetime experience.

The caves from the railway station is a 10 minute walk.
You get autos at Rs.5/- and travel packages from there to Araku ( Negotiable.)

We decided to explore the caves to our heart’s content.
Picked up some water bottles and started to walk down the road.


The entry tickets are as follows:

Rs.60/- for Entry (Adults) , Rs.25/- for carrying your mobile phone and Rs.100/- for a Still/Video Camera.

You also have a cloak room to submit your belongings for minimal prices.

Eatables aren’t allowed inside as you’ve my friends in there (refer the below picture) :


After a 20 mins process of ticketing and submitting all the baggage, we checked in. 😉


Beautifully formed stalactites and stalagmites we spent hours exploring them. ❤

We had our lunch outside the caves (pretty expensive) and started our trip back to Vizag.
We came back by bus which is 7 K.M away from the caves. You get shared cabs for Rs.40/- per person.

The ride down the hill, I named it Snake ride (short one, though.)
The twists and turns of the bus make you feel nauseous and pukish. Please carry required medicines with you.

And then comes the soul of Vizag, the beach. ❤


The best part about beach is it brings out the child in you. 🙂
Playing with the waves and making sand dunes, I met one of my old friend.


With shells in my hand and a secret gift the ocean had sent me, I signed off with memories in my Travel Diaries. ❤

A short trip for the busy folks.

Hello to you ;).

Happy new Year and welcome to our first post on traveling. 

Travelling has been my passion since I don’t know when. It is believed that what you do on the first of a year comes along all the way to the end of it. This new year, I decided to welcome 2017 with a little adventure. 

In my little bubble of adventure, I covered Jammu- Vaishno Devi, such a lively place I say and local.

Punjab- Amritsar-Harmandir Sahib, a.k.a The Golden Temple, an embodiment of peace and harmony and local.

Wagha- India-Pakistan Border- The first line of Defence.

Delhi- The capital. Akshardham- One of the Largest Temples of the world and last but not the least, Shopping sprees. ❤

Vaishno Devi

We started early in the morning at 4 from our place of residence, reached Katra at 5:30 AM, took our Yatra tickets at the Katra bus stand ( P.S: we had to go down the hill again for those tickets. They’re free but don’t forget to get them *chilling auto ride*).

Started our climb, mounted on horses at 6:30 AM and reached the hill top at 9:30.


It took 1 hour for us for Darshan, all that hours of climbing is definitely worth it. ❤

The view from the hilltop was amazing. ❤


The place is so lively 24/7. It’s a thrilling experience.

We came back at 2 in the afternoon.

The next was Jammu local tour. We visited Raghunath temple, Amar mahal palace, A cave temple. Camera wasn’t allowed everywhere. 😦

Note: Pre-paid sims don’t work in Jammu. It’s good to be away from technology for some days, but in case of emergencies do carry a postpaid sim card with you.


Harmandir Sahib a.k.a The Golden Temple.

It’s a place I’d rather settle down at. Such peace and harmony and luscious food.

Who could possibly say no? ❤

And JallianWala Bagh. 😦


We went on a little local tour of temples around and then off to THE BORDER.

Wagha-India-Pakistan Border.


Such a marvelous crowd and such patriotism. Was in awe of it. Jai Hind. *Salute*


It was one of THE evenings of my life.

Delhi-The Capital 

We went to see Akshardham. It’s a place worth visiting. Being one of the largest temples of the world with the storytelling of the life of Swaminarayan through robotics. Those exhibitions are worth your time. Took a complete day out at Akshardham.

All this was covered in a span of 6 days.

What are you waiting for?

January has a good set of weekends.

Happy Travelling. 😀 


Ikkat OffBeat

Hey, Lovelies.

Handlooms. The latest ongoing trend around the corner. After all, we all are Desi at heart. 😉

Trying to do our part in bringing Handlooms into the picture, here we are presenting you “The Ikkat Story.”

Keeping the contemporary in mind, we styled an Ikkat Kurti with semi-torn ankle length Jeans, Peppy Oxidised Jewellery, coal black sneakers for that sleek edge 😉 and last but not the least, Cherry on Top, Braided Bun. ❤

Tip: Style the same Kurti with a Palazzo or as a Dress, munch it up with Sneakers and you’re ready to rock the Outfit. 🙂





Ikkat Kurti-@ Tailor Stitched; Bracelet-@Local Stores; Sneakers-@Myntra;                               Earrings-@Shilparamam (Hyderabad); Hair Stick-@Delhi Markets; Jeans-@Local Stores




3 Ways to style a White Kurti

Hello beautiful ladies, most of us have a white Kurti which finds it’s way back to the wardrobe because we don’t get to style it much. Here we are, to help you look fabulous by styling a simple white Kurti in quirky ways. 😉


1. White Kurti with a Skirt

A multicolored block printed skirt with cute little Swarovski studs, jingling metal bangles and traditional flats.

Kurti-@Megamart; Skirt-@Shilparamam (Hyderabad); Bangles-@local markets; Studs-@Swarovski; Flats-@Myntra.

2. Kurti With a Palazzo

A solid color palazzo with a lacy border, with Rajasthani Juthis and a messy hair bun.

Tip: Add some color with a multi-colored dupatta.

Kurti-@Megamart; Palazzo- @Fbb; Earrings-@Swarovski; Juthis- Exhibition(Nampally,Hyderabad); watch-@Titan; Bangles-@localmarket. 

3. Kurti with plain leggings

Pair it with a Bandhni print dupatta, flats, colorful Bangles and braided bun.


Kurti-@Megamart; Leggings-@Fbb; Flats-@Max; Dupatta-@Bandhni (Exhibition, Vijaywada) ; Earrings-@Shilparamam (Hyderabad); Bangles-@localmarket